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Didn't Know where to put it. Empty Didn't Know where to put it.

Post  Tenkari on Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:05 am

Hey there. I'm a big DDO1Linders fan, I hail from the US servers, so likely that many of you wouldn't know me. Just like to say my fav "classic" strips were the halfling intimidate and the "Meleeing giants" strips. I play PD mostly now, so most og my char's don't last that long. though I'm a big fan of Warforged... my fav classes for them are pally, barb and rogue. I dont like Arcane classes, AKA super squishies.

I personally think a well played WF Paladin would be one of the scariest chars to face down in battle... as their immunities pretty much mean they are unstopable if played right.


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